MORGEN - Experimental investigations and future models


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© Katharina Aae, Michl Best, 2022


MORGEN - Experimental investigations and future models


3:27 min, 2021/22

Documentation of the exhibition "MORGEN - Experimental investigations and future models" at the Domäne Dahlem Foundation, Berlin (22.10.2021 until 23.01.2022) by students of the space-related design and exhibition design class as well as the moving image class of the UdK study programs Visual Communication and Art and Media.

The title "MORGEN" refers to a near future as well as to a historical measure of area in agriculture. The exhibition featured cinematic and spatial works that reflect on the future relationship between humans, nature, the city, the countryside, animals, plants and other living things.

The exhibition and communication concept considered itself to be an organic network that interconnects the artworks in the interior and exterior spaces of the Domäne Dahlem. The exhibition and the works on display enabled the visitors* to immerse themselves in unknown worlds and thus in new contexts of perception and meaning.

Video documentation: Katharina Aae and Michl Best

Works by: Katharina Aae, Florentin Aisslinger, Renata Altenfelder Santos, Destina Atasayar, Fiona Belousz, Michl Best, Yayoek Börger, Madeleine Brunnmeier, Maria Capello, Vincent Carter, Elsa Estrella, Indra L. Frings, Mattia Friso, Ernst August Graefe, Lukas Graf, Hannah Greifenstein, Agata Hörttrich, Valentin Jauch, Shinae Kim, Livia Kirchner, Ferdinand Kirsch, Jason Jo Michael Kittner, Maria Kobylenko, Norman Mayn, Thai May Nguyen, Stefanie Messner, Marlon Nicolaisen, Anaïs Nyffeler, Boohri Park, Roman Roth, Elena Rudolph, Jil Schuberth, Francesca Sklorz, Maija Suipe, Johannes Thiel, Leona Elisa Tiemeßen, Klara Troost, Corinne Wiss, Jannis Jelto Witzel, Pauline Luca Wunderlich, Isa Zappe, Tsingyun Zhang

Exhibition and graphic design: Vincent Carter, Mattia Friso, Valentin Jauch, Jason Jo Michael Kittner, Masoud Morgan, Anaïs Nyffeler, Boohri Park, Filipe-Guilherme Pirl, Martha Plättner, Manou Schatton, Jil Schuberth, Johannes Thiel, Leona Elisa Tiemeßen, Pauline Luca Wunderlich

Supervising professors: Anna Anders, Gabi Schillig
Project management: Ruven Wiegert
Technical management: Manja Ebert
Support for object and model making: Elke Schneider

Foundation Domäne Dahlem - Estate and Museum:
Dennis Novak, collection & exhibition management
Ulrike Pinkas, scientific volunteer at the museum
Ingo Eggert, conservator
Egbert R. Schimmerohn, collection supervisor

© Exhibition, 2021/22