Me, Myself & Eye - Self-presentation in visual media

Theoretical Seminar
Dr. Anja Oßwald

Tu 05.11., 14-18h
Fr 15.11., 10-18h
Sa 16.11., 14-18h
Tu 19.11., 14-18h
Fr 22.11., 10-18h
Tu 21.01., 14-18h

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Joan Jonas „Left Side Right Side“, 1972, S/W Video / Video-Liveaktion
Dr. Anja Oßwald

Me, Myself & Eye - Self-presentation in visual media

Theoretical Seminar

What is in a self-image? What is the motivation for artistic self-images? Which forms of self-presentation can we speak of and which cultural-historical framework conditions are effective in them? These questions form the starting point for the seminar, which focuses on media self-productions in their respective cultural, sociological and technological contexts.

The basic thesis is: Self-images articulate the experiential knowledge of a society. They tell us which ego images and subject constructions are effective in a society, which questions are relevant in a particular historical time frame, and which (collective) narcissism is currently haunting a society.

In this sense, the seminar spans from self-staging in the Renaissance (the birth of the modern concept of subject) through performance and video art since the 1960s to today's digital varieties of selfie culture and the extensions of the ICH in VR and AR.

Participation requirements:
Students of the programs KuM and VK (BA from 3.
Sem.). Priority is given to students of the class moving image.