Split Level - Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße

Book Release
July 16, 2020, 7-10 pm

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Publication Split Level, animation, video still
© Melissa Lücking, 2020
July 16, 2020, 7-10 pm

Split Level - Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße

Book Release

The publication documents an exhibition by 70 students of the media house of the Berlin University of the Arts

– designed by Melissa Leander Lücking
– with texts by Claudia Brieske, Joy Markert, Sybille Nägele, Frank Thinnes and Ruven Wiegert
– edited by Andreas Kallfelz
– printed by André Dural - Gallery Print, Berlin
– edited by Anna Anders and Gabi Schillig with the collaboration of Ruven Wiegert at
Verlag der Universität der Künste Berlin, 2020
– Sales price: 18,- €, ISBN 978-3-89462-346-3
– The publication can be ordered from bookstores or directly from the UdK Berlin.
– An online order form can be found under following

On three levels of a multi-level park garage, which has been used as an exhibition space by studierenWERK Berlin since 2017, artistic and design disciplines from the study programs Visual Communication and Art and Media gathered from October 18 to 27, 2019. All positions shown in the exhibition Split Level found their starting point in Potsdamer Straße as an urban place of encounter, transit, movement, existence and transformation. On display were photographs, video works, interactive sound-image collages, performances, spatial installations, experimental exhibition displays and objects - always with reference to the particular spatial context of the exhibition site.


Participating students
Valentina Alexander, Anna Babchuk, Adam Behlen, Winona Bogner, Yayoek Börger, Sarah Böttcher, Madeleine Brunnmeier, Maria Capello, Thaís Curvelo Resendes, Maxie Czoski. Rafael D’Almeida. Linda Elsner, Özcan Ertek, Pedro Ferreira, Indra L. Frings, Mattia Friso, Hannah Füsser, Antonia Gericke, Christina Goerlich, Lukas Graf, Anastasia Hafermaas, Orlando Helfer Rabaça, Luisa Herbst, Konstantin Hildebrandt, Paulina Höfner, Stella Horta, Zora Hünermann, Emma Hutton, Valentin Jauch, Levent Kamaci, Livia Kirchner, Ferdinand Kirsch, Jason Kittner, Hannah Kluge, Maria Kobylenko, Kirill Kogan, Moritz Kreul, Anna Maria Lesevic, Leander Limburg, Maryna Makarenko, André Martins, Kristina Miller, Niclas Moos, Floris Morlok, Moritz Morsbach, Willie Neumann, Marlon Nicolaisen, Anais Nyffeler, Tatiana Pakhmutova, Ole Paland, Angelika Pientka, Roman Roth, Luise Schaller, Miriam Schenkirz, Liese Schmidt, Meret Schmiese, Laura Schöngart, Jil Schuberth, Francesca Sklorz, Sandra Stiehler, Adrian Terzić, Johannes Thiel, Niklas Thran, Klara Troost, Cécile Vexler, Lina Wimmer, Julius Winckler, Corinne Wiss, Isa Zappe.

Participating classes and laboratories
Creation of the Moving Image – Prof. Anna Anders, Alexander Peterhaensel
Space-related Concepts and Exhibition Design – Prof. Gabi Schillig, Ruven Wiegert
Generative Art / Computational Art – Prof. Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl
Basics of Design – Prof. Anna Anders, Prof. Kora Kimpel, Prof. Ulrich Schwarz, Henrike Uthe
Laboratory for photography – Sebastian Herold

Faculty of Design – Institute for Time Based Media and Institute for Transmedia Design
Study programs - Art and Media and Visual Communication

Thanks to
Claudia Brieske, Frank Thinnes – studierendenWERK Berlin
Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz – president of the UdK Berlin
Claudia Assmann, Moritz Hartmann – press and communication of the UdK Berlin
Elke Schneider, Konstantin Hildebrandt, Constantin Engelmann, Achim Sieloff – workshops of the media house